Gästgivaregården i Långå

Jennys Stugor is placed on Gästgivaregården in Långå, it´s build in the end on 1800 century and travling people with horses used it as a place for staying over the night. Gästgivaregården has keept the charming style and is easy tom imagine how travlers, hunters and fishers lived in the passed.
Jennys Stugor is placed beside the river Ljusnan. The naturue is adorbel, could it be a better neighbor.

Just outside Gästgivaregården from the road 84 it´s a sign with the name Jennys Stugor.
The distance out west is to Funäsdalen is 5 mil and to the border of Norway 7 swedish miles.

Kronprins Gustaf Adolf och Kronprinsessan Louise stopped by and for a lunch on the farm when they was on a trip around Härjedalen 1932.
Fiskare Jennys stugor ha a very familyfriedly neighborhod with olaces for playing, diffrent ballgames and also a lot of fishingwaters
Älg Hunting on wild- moose and bear, birds and hare can be placed on own property